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3.5 hours
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Effortless Swimming – Freestyle Stroke Correction Clinics

A 3.5-hour freestyle stroke correction clinic with underwater filming and analysis that helps swimmers and triathletes improve their technique and efficiency by using the latest stroke development techniques. Live filming and analysis means you get to work on specific aspects of your stroke with regular feedback throughout the clinic. All clinics are run by specifically trained Effortless Swimming coaches who have competed or coached at a National or International level and have experience working with all levels of swimmers from beginner to elite. 

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What you will learn
  • The fundamentals of fast and efficient freestyle so you have a clear understanding of how the stroke works and exactly what is slowing you down and how to improve
  • The ideal body position for minimal drag and the key aspects of the stroke that help you achieve it and how to implement your new stroke changes into daily training even if you’re training on your own or with a squad.
  • Why most swimmers struggle to find the ‘elusive’ catch and our step-by-step progression to help you significantly improve the most important part of freestyle (even if you’ve never been taught before).
What you will get
  • Comprehensive ‘before and after’ video analysis from multiple angles above and below the water. All of your videos and recorded analysis from the day will be sent to you via the Skillest app (http://effortlessswimming.com/skillest) to keep and watch over whenever you like.
  • A fun and valuable learning experience

What to bring
  • Fins/flippers (we recommend DMC Elite fins)
  • Front Snorkel (optional)
What to wear


Appropriate for

Swimmers and triathletes wanting to become faster, more efficient and confident in their swimming. Suitable for both adults, teenagers, and swimmers 12 years or older.

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30 September 2019 • Freestyle Clinic Melbourne - Huntingtower Pool

Excellent concept professionally executed.


28 September 2019 • Freestyle Clinic Melbourne - Huntingtower Pool

This freestyle clinic is very helpful. I've been learning freestyle for 2 years but still struggling with long distance swimming. During the session, Brenton recorded my swim from different angle and then illustrated the details of my kicking, body position, catch, breathing, etc. I was enlightened about the issues that caused my fatigue. The drills I practiced during the session were also helpful. I left the session with clear understanding about my freestyle problem and several key points to work on. Overall, this is a well-organised and very beneficial training session.


28 September 2019 • Freestyle Clinic Melbourne - Huntingtower Pool

As a result of doing this clinic 12 months earlier, I made radical changes to my swimming style leading to a 12 to 14% reduction in times. This time Brenton identified two aspects requiring particular attention and I am concentrating on exercises to address these in my morning swims.

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