Adelaide Follow-Up Underwater Filming & Analysis

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For swimmers who have previously attended an Effortless Swimming clinic.

Have you attended a clinic previously and would like to see how your stroke is progressing?

At this session you'll be:

  • Filmed by an Effortless Swimming coach to check your progress
  • Within one week, be sent a comprehensive video analysis of your technique with recommended drills to help make the necessary changes to your stroke. 
  • Filmed from four different angles to get a full understanding of what you're doing well and where you can find speed and efficiency.

Your stroke analysis will be uploaded to the Skillest app.

Please note: Only the filming will be done at the session with the analysis done by your coach during the week (not in-person at the session). It will be sent to you via the Skillest app within seven (7) days of attending the session.

Can I have multiple strokes filmed on the day like butterfly, backstroke and breaststroke?

Yes! Simply select how many strokes you would like to have filmed when you select your ticket type and on the checkout page you can specify which strokes you'll be doing on the day. You do not need to have attended a clinic for the other strokes to have them filmed.

Is there coaching, drills or a pool session at the follow up filming?

No, the follow-up filming is purely a way for you to check your progress. At this session you will do a light warm up and then be filmed from multiple angles. Within seven days one of our coaches will record your analysis along with recommended drills and exercises and send it to you via the Skillest app.

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What you will learn
  • Discover where you can find extra speed and efficiency in your stroke
  • Learn what improvements you've made to your technique since you first attended a clinic
  • Uncover which drills will help you change the key areas of your stroke
What you will get
  • Comprehensive underwater filming and video analysis of your swimming
  • A plan of action to improve your swimming and become a better swimmer

What to bring
  • Goggles
  • Swimsuit
What to wear


Appropriate for

Suitable for swimmers and triathletes from 9 y.o and up of all abilities. Must have already attended an Effortless Swimming clinic.

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08 March 2019 • Adelaide Follow-Up Underwater Filming & Analysis

The follow up film analysis is helping me endlessly. Unless you actually see first hand by watching replays of the underwater and top of the water filming you don’t really know what areas you need to correct and work on. I particularly like Brenton’s diagrams and analysis- so helpful. Now back to the pool to work on those drills ! Thanks Brenton Denise


19 August 2018 • Adelaide Follow-Up Underwater Filming & Analysis

Brenton provided concise feedback that was easy to see and follow on the video. Very explicit with areas to work on and how to achieve a change. Really enjoyed the follow up session and video analysis as well as drills to work on. Thanks Serena

Effortless Swimming


Hello Serena, 

On behalf of us all at Effortless Swimming, I would like to thank you for sharing this great review about our swimming clinic! We are thrilled that you enjoyed your experience with us. We will be sharing your feedback amongst our team. Enjoy your video analysis and please come to visit us again soon!